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Arrow Tech Associates Inc.

All of the AVI videos on this site were generated with PRODASV3.
If you can see the wobbling bullet, you are all set to view any of the other movies.

If you can not see the video above and are using the Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, check your Internet Explorer settings as follows:

  • Click on Tools
  • Select Internet Options
  • Go to the Security tab
  • Make sure the zone is set to Internet
  • Click the Custom Level button
  • Scroll down to Display video and animation on a webpage that does not use external media player which is listed alphabetically in the ActiveX Controls and plug-ins section.
  • Choose enabled if it is not already set
  • Click OK
  • Refresh your Internet Explorer screen or open a new Internet Explorer window.

Some of the AVIs were assembled using TechSmith's "Camtasia", an inexpensive video editor. All videos use the TechSmith codec. If you can't see the video below, you will need to download and run an EXE from the TechSmith site.

Click here to go to their site. Click the "Codecs" link, then click download TSCC Codec. When asked, select the option "Open" to download and run the installer.

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