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Analysis (ro)BOT

The Analysis BOT will automate Iterative analysis needed for extensive Trade Studies

Using the optional Analysis Bot, you can quickly produce a trade study including multiple projectiles or projectile configurations.

The Analysis BOT allows you to;

  • Queue multiple projectiles to be run through an analysis
  • Modify any of the analysis input values for each run
  • Apply data from a reference book for each run
  • Accumulate tablulated data from each run
  • Make cross plots of results
  • Build a table of analysis result data

What can you use it for ?

  • Trade studies in any of the System Effectiveness modules (Ground to Ground has just been formally released)
  • Interior Ballistics optimizations
  • Balloting simulations to parametrically study the effects of spin, stiffness and runouts.
  • Optimize penetration by varying weight, diameter and muzzle velocity

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