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Requirements for Foreign Customers

Currently any Arrow Tech software shipped outside of the United States requires an Export License approved by the United States State Department. This includes the evaluation version of the software.

Guidelines for Preparing Letters of Intent for Export License Applications for Arrow Tech Software Products

A letter of intent is required to be filed with the license application. To expedite the application process please follow these guidelines for preparing a letter of intent and email to We will then complete the application process with the State Department and contact you when we receive an approved license.

The following information must be included in the letter of intent:

1) The end user must state an interest in conducting an evaluation of Arrow Tech software products for a fixed period (typically 45 - 60 days). The request must be on a letter that includes the letter head (including logo, organization, address, and a name, phone number & email address of a technical contact), and indicate that purchase of the software is contingent on the outcome of the evaluation.

2) The end user must specifically state the purpose for which Arrow Tech software products will be used (e.g. artillery projectile design, tank ammunition, medium caliber ammo, cartridge case analyses, small caliber ammunition, dispersion analysis, etc.) This statement should indicate all analytical areas in which the end user may use our software products for the analysis, development, and/or improvement of munitions.

3) The end user must indicate the potential number of copies of the desired software and the particular modules of interest. A list of the software by product name is required. Please reference Arrow Techís published price list for the nomenclature. (Email a request for the current price list to

4) The end user agrees to return the evaluation software to Arrow Tech when the hardware key has expired and is in no way obligated to purchase the software.

Notice to software resellerís: Arrow Tech as a policy does not use software resellerís, especially in North America. However we understand, that some corporations or government agencies require use of resellerís both domestically and worldwide. In these cases the software reseller will receive no price breaks or compensation from Arrow Tech Associates. Any compensation in these cases will have to come from the final customer.

Please note that Arrow Tech does have authorized agents within many countries worldwide, however we have been notified of foreign resellerís claiming they are an authorized agent when they are not and going so far as to generate false authorization letters using our logo and address. Please contact us directly at to see if there is an authorized agent within your country. If there is not an agent in place you will deal directly with Arrow Tech. Also please inform us immediately if you feel that someone is fraudulently representing Arrow Tech or offering PRODAS as this would be illegal under the export laws of the United States.

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