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(Projectile Rocket Ordnance Design & Analysis System)

PRODAS has become the world standard for integrated weapon design tools.

From the smallest match bullets, to GPS guided artillery shells, PRODAS brings together:

  • Modeling - Build a model from a drawing or even a picture
  • Aerodynamics - Compare aerodynamic coefficents from multiple aero estimators
  • Launch Dynamics - Interior ballistics, balloting and jump
  • Trajectories - Fly 4DOF, 6DOF and Body Fixed and Guided Trajectories
  • Terminal Effects - Estimate penetration of KE projectiles and lethality of fragmenting or shaped charge warheads
  • System Effectiveness - Using focused analysis or general purpose macros, compare projectiles or even GN&C algorithims

Some features above are contained in optional analysis modules. Click here to view.

With PRODAS V3 you can create a projectile model, estimate aerodynamics and stability and simulate a test firing in a couple of hours. Design problems can be detected before building costly prototypes, saving your company time and money.

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