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Radar 2000 and Radar Assistant

Accurate Extraction of Drag Coefficients and Tracer Performance from Doppler Radar Data

RADAR 2000 uses the equations of motion along with non-linear drag versus Mach Number for the most accurate computation of drag coefficients possible. A powerful differential correction technique is used to rapidly converge on a combination of selected coefficients which most accurately matches the experimental radar data.

This program has been used to reduce radar data for both Government and private industry ranges for the past 10 years.

RADAR 2000 features:

  • Easy to use, menu driven and designed for high speed data entry and reduction
  • Support for ALL radar types using a user configured ASCII file interface including, Weible, Hawk and Terma
  • Analysis of high gun elevation angle shots (long range artillery or mortar)
  • Accurate analysis of traced or base bleed projectiles
  • Single shot and/or group reduction analyses
  • Multiple (user controlled) raw data filters
  • PRODAS interface for inputting projectile parameters and initial coefficient estimates
  • Interface to Meteorological Data file to input atmospheric data
  • Impact point prediction

RADAR Assistant Features:

  • Windows / VB Front End for Easy Use
  • Point-point drag & decel analysis from velocity data makes it easy to spot significant trajectory events (e.g. tracer burnout, dynamic instability, submunition ejection, etc)
  • Tabular and plot output available; easy to paste into reports

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