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Customize PRODAS for your business with the Software Development Kit

Integrate your own proprietary analysis with PRODAS using the same tools Arrow Tech used to develop PRODAS

New modules appear on the menu. Your analysis can use mass properties, aeros or any of the data contained in the PRODAS data file. Your output can appear as text or plots, cross plots or even in the 3D visualizer.

Three tools are provided with the Software Development Kit

  • Data Manager - This tool manages the data that is contained in the PRODAS data file. When you add your own analysis, chances are there will be setup data that you will want stored in the PRODAS data files along with the regular data. The expandable architecture design of the data file allows for user-defined data without impacting other analysis modules.
  • Analysis Manager - This tool defines and actually codes (in FORTRAN) the interface between the main PRODAS application, which contains the user interface, and your analysis module.
  • Form Manager - This is the tool used to build the user interface for a new analysis. Everything is done with a drag and drop editor making it easy to build the required input and output windows. You define the data your user enters and what output they are presented with. Text files, spreadsheet tables or plots are quickly included in the interface with no coding required.

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