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3D Visualization

Quickly generate visuals of your model in 3D solids from your PRODAS model with no additional inputs. Position the model in any orientation, section it for a cut away view and produce AVI movies of your projectile in flight generated by the Trajectory modules.

Scene Generator

Using the optional scene generator, you can quickly generate 3D videos using predefined gunners and targets. Included with the package are four virtual firing ranges and 20+ launch platforms/targets.

Simply pick the range, gunner and target and run the generator. First it will compute the Fire Control solution for the given projectile, then run the trajectory saving the results. When you open the 3D Visualizer, three clicks and your scene will be rendered. It is also easy to add new models to your scene using the VRML modeling language.



Visualization of a 2.75" rocket showing thrust and side firing thruster



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