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Interior Ballistics Analysis

Use the interior ballistics analysis to:

  • Determine muzzle velocity and maximum pressure
  • Trade-off propellant weight versus projectile weight
  • Determine loading on projectile and shell stresses
  • Evaluate rotating band wear with various barrel twists
  • Estimate the effects of propellant blending

The Interior Ballistics analysis calculates the velocity, breech and base pressure, linear and angular accelerations of the projectile during travel down the barrel.

A simplified analysis is available that is derived from the Baer-Frankle method for predicting interior ballistics, by examining the burning of the propellant grains.

PRODAS Version 3 also includes the IBHVG-2 Interior Ballistics model

A PT Expansion option uses measured Pressure-Time data from testing as input to develop a full interior ballistics model.

A blend of up to three propellant types can be simulated.

Reference libraries are included with detailed information on propellant geometry and burn characteristics as well as ignitor and gun parameters. This information can be retrieved quickly for use in analyses.


  • Projectile physical parameters
  • Gun tube profile
  • Ignitor characteristics
  • Resistance pressure vs. travel (via closed form computation)
  • Distance to Rifling Origin
  • Propellant Characteristics

Output Plots vs. Time and Travel

  • Pressure
  • Velocity
  • Temperature
  • Acceleration
  • Torque
  • Angular Acceleration
  • Driving Edge Displacement (band wear)
  • Percent rotating band wear
  • Bearing Stress
  • Angular Velocity

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