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An Arrow Tech course may be the best way to take full advantage of all that PRODAS Version 3 has to offer.

We have updated our Catalog of Courses taught by Arrow Tech Engineers.

Click Here for the Arrow Tech Course catalog.

Arrow Tech designs courses to help you quickly learn how to get the most from our software products. We also offer courses in the theory behind the software to help develop your people. All courses are taught by experienced Arrow Tech engineers and use proven training material. Training can be tailored to your specific needs and is available in our facility or on-site at your location. Some of the courses offered are detailed below:

  • Basic Theory of Projectile Design
    • Basic Aerodynamic Theory (definition of forces and moments)
    • Linear Theory and Projectile Stability
    • Projectile Flight: Equations of Motion
    • Special Cases for Equations of Motion
    • Interior Ballistic Theory and Modeling
    • Structural Design Considerations and Techniques
    • Dispersion Sensitivity. Balloting and Dispersion Simulation
    • In-Bore Transverse Dynamic Motion (balloting)
    • In-Flight Motion of Flexible Projectile Bodies
  • PRODAS User Training
    • Projectile Modeling and Editing
    • Aerodynamic Coefficient Prediction and Stability Analysis
    • 4 DOF and 6 DOF Trajectory Simulations
    • Muzzle Exit Conditions and Dispersion Prediction
    • Interior ballistics and Rotating Band wear
    • Design Trade-Off Studies
    • Range/Firing Tables
    • Lot Acceptance Test Simulation
    • Cross Plots, 3D Visualizer and Other Output Features
  • In-Bore Balloting and Sabot Analysis
    • REBAR Analysis for Sabot Optimization
    • Balloting Theory
    • Modeling
    • In-Bore Balloting Software User Training
    • Stochastic Analysis benefits
  • Cartridge Case Analysis
    • Theory
    • Modeling
    • Running the Analysis
    • Interpretation of Results
    • Design Considerations
  • Using PRODAS Guidance and Control
    • General Capabilities
    • Projectile/Rocket Modeling
    • Control System Modeling
    • Debugging the Simulation
  • Ballistic Testing
    • Design of Experiments and Results Interpretation
    • RADAR Data Reduction
    • Yaw Sonde Data Reduction
    • Spark Range Data Reduction
    • Wind Tunnel Design and Analysis
  • Spark Range Data Reduction Software User Instruction
    • Theory and equations of motion
    • User training
  • RADAR Data Reduction Software User Instruction
    • Theory and equations of motion
    • User training

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