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Visual Model Editor

Projectiles are quickly created using the PRODAS model editor.

Designed and optimized for projectiles, it is much quicker and easier to use than a standard CAD package.

Drag and drop projectile assemblies or components from one projectile to another.

Trace a Bitmap

The optional module Projectile Tracing Tool will allow you to quickly build a model from an bitmap of a cross section. Click HERE for more information

DXF & IGES File Write!

PRODAS V3 can create IGES (V 4.0) & DXF Files for easy output to CAD Systems.

Logical Model Structure

Simple Elements are combined to describe the geometry of Components. Material properties are defined at the component level. A Material Reference Book is included to ease this process. Components are combined to make up Assemblies. Assemblies can be combined to form higher level assemblies.

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