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Yaw Card Analysis Module Tutorial

This tutorial provides an introduction to the Yaw Card Analysis Module which generates yaw card locations for testing and then analyzes the data collected for aerodynamic coefficients and performance. You will learn how to:

Yaw Card Analysis Module Installation and Configuration

This tutorial assumes that you have successfully installed PRODAS with the Yaw Card Analysis Module optional module on your computer and received a free evaluation key, or are a registered user of PRODAS and the Yaw Card Analysis Module.

The evaluation version of PRODAS includes the Yaw Card Analysis Module. It is fully functional but time-limited to 30 days.


Tutorial example files

The tutorial projectile files are available in the ...\ProdasV3\ProjectileData\Examples\YawCard folder. If you want to follow along then start with 105M735Cartridge_start.pr3. If you want to see the round which has already been run through this YawCard tutorial then start with 105M735Cartridge_finish.pr3. A second example round,40mm HET_L70.pr3, is also used briefly in this tutorial.

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