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Interior Ballistics Tutorial - Empirical and Baer-Frankle

This tutorial provides an introduction to the Empirical Interior Ballistics module, the Baer-Frankle Interior Ballistics Module, and includes an example to demonstrate the use of both Interior Ballistics Modules. The example starts with an existing PRODAS model of a 30mm projectile and using PRODAS reference books to retrieve gun tube, ignitor and propellant data it is easy to set up even the Baer-Frankle analyses.

In this tutorial you will learn:

Interior Ballistics installation and configuration

This tutorial consists of two parts, one for the empirical interior ballistics module and one for the Baer-Frankle numerical integration interior ballistics module. The empirical interior ballistics module is distributed as a standard analysis package with the Basic PRODAS software suite.

The Baer-Frankle interior ballistics module is offered as an optional module. This tutorial assumes that you have successfully installed PRODAS with the Baer-Frankle optional interior ballistics module on your computer and received a free evaluation key, or are a registered user of PRODAS and the Baer-Frankle Interior Ballistics module. The Ignitor and Propellant reference books are supplied only with the Baer-Frankle Interior Ballistics module, and are not supplied with the Empirical Interior ballistics module.

Tutorial example files

The tutorial projectile files are available in the ...\ ProdasV3\ProjectileData\Examples\IBF folder. If you want to follow along and start with a model without the Baer-Frankle analysis already run, then use ...\ProdasV3\ProjectileData\Examples\IBF\30mm_IBF_Start.pr3

...\ProdasV3\ProjectileData\Examples\IBF\30mm_IBF_Start.pr3 Projectile ready to begin Empirical Interior Ballistics Analysis
...\ProdasV3\ProjectileData\Examples\IBF\30mm_IBF_Results.pr3 Projectile with completed Interior Ballistics Analysis

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