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Arrow Tech personnel have authored numerous technical publications.

Following is a partial list of those publications:

  1. Hathaway,W.H.,Hathaway,A.,Whyte,R.H.,Davis,B.S.,Brown,T.G.,Hepner,D.J., Combining Radar, YawSonde and On-Board Telemetry Data to Determine Aerodynamic Coeficients,51st Aeroballistic Range Association, Madrid, Spain, September 2000
  2. Abate,G.L.,Duckershein,R.P., Hathaway,W.H., Subsonic/Transonic Free FlightTests of a Generic Missile with Grid Fins, AFRL-MN-TR-2000-7014
  3. Kruggel,B.,Hathaway,W.H.,Asher, Experimental and Analytical Aerodynamicsof Missiles with Forward Flares, AFRL-MN-EG-TR-2000-,2000
  4. Hathaway,W.H., Winchenbach,G., Krieger,J., Free Flight Tests of 10 Degree Cones with a One Degree Articulation Angle, AIAA 99-0434, 1999
  5. Hathaway,W.H., Winchenbach,G.L., Krieger,J., Kline,R., Free Flight Aerodynamic Tests of the Navy 20mm Ramics Ammunition, AFRL-MN-EG-TR-1999-7009, 1999
  6. Berner,G., Chapman,G.,Hathaway,W.H., Winchenbach,G., Dynamic Stability Testing of Blunt Atmospheric Entry Configurations, ISL PU-354/99, 1999
  7. Berner,G., Fleck,V., Hathaway,W.H., Winchenbach,G., Aerodynamic Testing for Long Range Explosively Formed Penetrators, ISL PU-343/99, 1999
  8. Hathaway,W.H., Kruggle,B., Sigal,A., Whyte,R., High Angle of Attack Free Flight Missile Testing, AIAA-99-0435, 1999
  9. Erline,T.F., Hathaway,A.F., Dispersion Analysis of the XM881 Armor-Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot (APFSDS) Projectile, ARL-MR-433, 1999
  10. Hathaway,W.H., Free Flight Aerodynamic Test of Bent 10 Degree Semi Angle Cones at Mach Numbers of 0.4 To 3.0, US Army, AFRL-MN-EG-1998-7036, 1998
  11. Dupuis,A.D., Hathaway,W.H., Aeroballistic Range Tests of the Basic Finner Reference Projectile at Supersonic Velocities, Canada, DREV-TM-9703, 1997
  12. Brown,T.G., Brandon,F.J., Harkins,T.E., Hathaway,W.H., Drag and Moment Coeficients Measured During Flight Testing of a 2.75 in. Rocket, AIAA-97-0634, 1997
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  14. Hathaway,W.H., Howerton,W., Steinhoff,M, Whyte,R, Aerodynamic Data Base of the C130 Gunship 105mm M1 Projectile, Eglin AFB, WL-TR-7059, 1995
  15. Abate,G., Hathaway,W.H., Whyte,R., Winchenbach,G., Aeroballistic Range Tests: Scaled Models of the 105mm M1 Projectile and Modified Configurations, Wright Laboratory, WL-TR-95-7058, 1995
  16. Hathaway,W.H., Adelgren,R., HAVE DASH: Free Flight ARF Test Results, ARO-WH-002, January 1994.
  17. Howerton,C., Hathaway,W., HART 1993: Free Flight ARF Test Results, ARO-WH-94-001, January 1994.
  18. Abate,G., Hathaway,W.H., ARF-Alliant Test Program Aerodynamic Results, ARROW, February 1994.
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  20. Whyte,R.H., Aerodynamic Coefficients Of The 20mm Cased Telescoped TP Projectile At Mach Numbers From 0. 7 To 4. 0, WL-TR-93-7065, September 1993.
  21. Whyte,R.H., Valentino,M., Aerodynamic Coefficients Of The 25-mmPGU-38/UHEI Projectile At Mach Numbers From 0. 7 To 3.2, WL-TR-93-7064, November 1992.
  22. Whyte,R.H., Hathaway,W.H., Valentino,M., Aerodynamic Coefficients of the 20-mm PGU-2 7/B and -28/B Projectiles at Mach 0. 7 to 3. 0, WL-TR-92-7069, July 1993.
  23. Abate,G., Hathaway,W.H., Aerodynamic Test Results: WAF - Base Cavity Test Model, ARROW, May 1993.
  24. Winchenbach,G.L., Stephens,M., Hathaway,W.H., Whyte,R.H., Aerodynamic Test Results: Have Slick Configurations, WL/MN-TR-91-78, September 1991.
  25. Whyte,R.H., Analysis of MK82 Bomb Trajectory Utilizing Yaw Sonde and ARFDAS Codes, ARROW-006-91, August 1991.
  26. Whyte,R.H., Hathaway,W.H., Aerodynamic Test Results: Single-Stage-To-Orbit (SSTO) Re-Entry Vehicle, ARROW-004-91, October 1991.
  27. Hathaway,W.H., Steinhoff,M., Whyte,R.H., Expert Systems For Ballistic Range Data Analysis, WL-TR-93-7073, October 1993.
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