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Rocket Motor Tutorial

This help file provides the PRODAS user interested in designing rocket motors with some helpful clues for designing rocket motors for specific applications.

You will learn design basics of the following rocket motor components:

The following Rocket Motor Design Tools are contained in the PRODAS toolkit:

Rocket Motor Sizing Utility

This help file assumes that you have successfully installed PRODAS on your computer. The Rocket Motor Sizing Utility is an analysis module that is included in a "Basic" PRODAS distribution.

Rocket Motor Simulation Module

This help file assumes that you have successfully installed PRODAS on your computer along with the optional Rocket Motor Simulation Module and have received a free evaluation key, or you are a registered user of PRODAS and the Rocket Motor Simulation module.

This tutorial will show you the hand off of the Thrust vs. Time data generated by the Rocket Motor Simulation Module to the PRODAS Tracer/Fumer Module and subsequent use in the PRODAS trajectory codes.

Tutorial example files

The tutorial projectile files is available in the ...\ ProdasV3\ProjectileData\Examples\Rocket Motor folder. If you want to follow along and start with a model without the Rocket Motor analysis already built then use \ProdasV3\ProjectileData\Examples\Rocket Motor\70mm Rocket Start Example.pr3

\ProdasV3\ProjectileData\Examples\Rocket Motor\70mm Rocket Start Example.pr3 Projectile ready to begin Rocket Motor Analysis
...\ProdasV3\ProjectileData\Examples\Rocket Motor\70mm Rocket Finish Example.pr3 Projectile with completed Rocket Motor Analysis

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