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Development of Custom Software Systems For Engineering Analysis and Other Applications

Do you develop custom products for your customers?

Are they based on common engineering principles?

If you answer yes to these questions then Arrow Tech can help by developing custom engineering tools for your business. We are experts at developing easy-to-use, fast and accurate analysis tools. Look at PRODAS for an example of how Arrow Tech can make complex analyses quick and easy without sacrificing accuracy. We can help your company add analytical rigor to your design process or simply find ways to do the same analysis much faster. Quality will improve, warranty claims will decrease and your customers will be happy. All this means more business and profits for you.

Smart Databases

Throughout the years, Arrow Tech has developed a number of database applications for its customers. Databases populated with test data that look for correlations and actually do predictions have been in use in the 120mm ammunition program for more than seven years. Another system gathers SPC data from suppliers and presents it in management reports in a way that facilates decisions.

Artificial Intelligence

Arrow Tech has developed knowledge-based systems to capture and present knowledge from "experts". Interviews as well as documentation have been encoded and are available on-line. Systems are in place for M865 dispersion and AI Primers.

Contact us to discuss your needs.

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