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Ammunition Development

Today's environment of fewer programs, more stringent requirements and a low tolerance for failures during development mean more risk for industry. In the environment of fewer programs most companies struggle to develop and maintain the experienced people needed to insure success in ammunition development. Arrow Tech's unique position in the industry allows us to continue to develop expertise in this field while participating on more ammunition programs than any other company.

For very little investment, we can bring the benefits of this our experience and the world's best analysis tools to your program. The result will be the best possible performance with minimum risk.

Typical Services:

  • Business Development and Proposal Support
  • Technical Program Planning
  • Ammunition Development and Analysis
  • Ammunition Test Design and Data Reduction
  • Thermal, Structural and Dynamic Analysis
  • Production Support
  • Problem Resolution

Specialized Computer Codes

The backbone of Arrow Tech's analytical ability resides in our engineers' ability to develop specialized computer codes. The capability to recognize a problem and then form a numeric solution on the computer has kept Arrow Tech in the forefront of the ballistic community.

We bring this same capability to our consulting clients. When a customer needed system analysis estimates for a new medium caliber design, Arrow Tech was able to quickly develop the necessary simulations to get the job done.

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