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Arrow Tech History

Arrow Tech was founded in 1987 by Robert H Whyte and Burdett K Stearns. However, the story starts much earlier. Bob began his career at the Picatinny Arsenal in the 1960's as one of three Aero Ballistics Engineers in the laboratory. As the Viet Nam conflict heated up there was a continuous stream of requests for help in fixing ammunition performance problems. At that point there weren't any aero ballistic computer codes, so engineers had to dig through piles of test data to estimate aerodynamics and then solve extremely complex equations by hand with only half a chance of getting the right answer. Bob was the first to see a better way. In his spare time while at the arsenal, he developed the first aero ballistic computer code that predicted aerodynamics from the geometry of a round and solved for stability.

In the 1970's Bob had the opportunity to lead the development of the GAU-8/A ammunition with many others who are now members of the Arrow Tech team. This work started from an understanding of the target, progressed through a full weapon system effectiveness simulation to the development, qualification and production of the ammunition. Once again the intense competitive environment during the early stages of this program created the requirement for rapid and accurate analysis tools. The first projectile analysis system (PRODAS) was created by integrating interior ballistics, trajectory and terminal effects computer codes. The GAU-8/A experience also taught the Arrow Tech team the importance of following a structured and well thought out development process to minimize risk and optimize performance.

In parallel with Bob's effort Bud Stearns was developing detailed dynamic models of weapons with the purpose of understanding the impact of weapon dynamics on accuracy. This work resulted in a special derivative of the GAU-8/A gun that was used in the Goalkeeper Naval Mount. This mount is the most accurate high rate of fire gun system ever developed. Bud also studied the motion of projectiles in gun tubes with emphasis on optimizing the design of sabots for accuracy and light weight and on understanding the balloting motion of a projectile and the resulting impact on accuracy. He with other members of the Arrow Tech team, developed several of the advanced analysis tools that are now part of PRODAS.

In the 1980's and 1990's the analytical tools became more advanced, better integrated and faster. In 1992 the key decision was made to begin to offer software to our customers as a product in addition to consulting services. Arrow Tech's PRODAS software has become the industry standard with over 200 users throughout the free world.

Arrow Tech engineers have participated in numerous ammunition development programs throughout the years. We have the expertise that comes only from experience coupled with the best analytical tools in the world and the ability to rapidly customize analysis tools to meet the requirements of our customers. We continue to offer high value added services to our customers in industry and government.

The introduction of PRODAS Version 3 in April 2002 is the culmination of forty years of experience in the industry. PRODAS is recognized as the most advanced analytical tool kit in the world for the analysis of ammunition.

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